‘Letter to my love’

Letter to my love Exhibition and Letter Call Out Project


08-11/06/2020 Relay Exhibition at 17 hartslane, London SE14 5UP, Opening times: Tuesday PV 6-9pm. Wednesday-Friday 4-7pm

25/09/2020-10/10/2020 The Genderhouse Festival at Dokk1


A Letter to my love features letters written by the local community during the lockdowns last year in conjunction with a video installation. This project is a delicate examination of saying the things we wanted to say, but could not, and give room for processing grief, loss, and healing.

This evolving exhibition is a platform for exchange between viewers, participants, letters and the video installation. Members of the public are invited to write a letter to someone who they have lost in their life and express all the things they might have wanted to say but never had the chance to. New submitted letters feed into the exhibition each time and the video installation keeps on evolving as the artist responds to the letter writing experience through embodied investigation and imagery.

How to process difficult feelings? How can we acknowledge and heal from loss? What roles can the arts play in facilitating a dialogue about grief? How can we open up to empathy and come together to feel with others? Are some of the questions present for ‘A letter to my love’ Project.

Letter Call Out:

This call out especially addresses members in the community who might have lost loved ones during the time of the pandemic and due to social distancing rules were not able to be present at the time of death, or other circumstance of death experienced in their life time that still prevails.

The period of the lockdown has been a time for challenging isolation, as well as an opportunity to be closer with oneself, away from outer distractions and closer to feelings present. This is not always easy and especially where difficult feelings emerge.

This is a delicate invitation to write a letter to a loved one, who you have lost in your life and express the things you might have wanted to say but were not able to say. It can be a long letter or a short letter, there is no right or wrong.

To submit a letter please post to:

UK Address: 17 hartslane, London SE14 5UP

Denmark Address: Bora Bora, Valdemarsgade1, 8000 Aarhus C,86-19-00-79

Thank You for support and collaboration with hARTslane, HimherandIt Production, The Genderhouse Festival and Arts Council England. As well as Dyana Gravina, Andreas Constaninou, Prasanth Visweswaran.