This is a delicate invitation to you to write a letter to someone, who you have lost in your life and express the things you might have wanted to say but were not able to say. It can be a long letter or a short letter, there is no right or wrong, and is open to anyone of all ages.  It is an invitation for you to take your space to reflect upon the things you might still want to express, but for whatever reason did not have the opportunity to do so. 

The letter writing project is reaching out especially to those who have experienced loss to someone or something during the time of the pandemic and more broadly who have lost people in their lives without the opportunity to have said goodbye.

The period of the lockdown has been a time of challenging isolation, as well as an opportunity to be closer with oneself, away from outer distractions and closer to feelings present. This is not always easy and especially where difficult feelings emerge.

How to process difficult feelings? How can we acknowledge and heal from loss? What role can the arts play in facilitating a dialogue about grief? How can we create spaces to feel with others during the time of isolation? Are some of the questions present for this project 

Received letters will be a starting point for a performance research of new work of ‘My un-dying Love’ with Himherandit Productions to be premiered in the year 2021.

An installation with the letters will also be shared between the 3rd-6th of december at hARTslane Gallery. You will find more information about the exhibition on here: RELAY Residency — HARTSLANE

If you would like to take part, please post your letter to:
‘A letter to my Love’
17 Harts Lane
SE14 5UP
If  for any reason are unable to leave your house you can also write a letter via email to
with‘ A letter to my love’ in the subject

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

Much Love