images: Christoffer Brenke


Landscapes is an installation that resembles an ancient megalithic monument with seven large video monoliths erected in a circular formation. Spectators stand in the centre of the installation and are taken on a sonic and visual journey as the seven monoliths present a collection of slowly unfolding images.

At first a dusky horizon stretches across all the seven screens. Silhouettes of shadowy hills, deserts and mountains span out all the way around the viewer. The horizon begins to move in a circular motion as low rumblings of earthquake sounds embrace from every direction. The earth is in movement.

The moving scenery slowly reveals horizons of vast shaped landscapes. But these are not any landscapes. These earthy shapes are in fact horizons of senior bodies. Limbs, torsos, and legs resemble hills, deserts and mountains in what becomes a visual poetry. Microscopic details of the bodies’ become dancing landscapes full of life.

Eventually for the first time, the faces of seven senior individuals fill the screen. Like ancestral beings, they look at us with curious compassion. A little smile emerges till the smile turns into a wide opening of the mouth that swallows us up and takes us into a journey to various earthly landforms.

Landscapes is a visual poetic work that features seven diverse lgbtqi+ senior identities today, postulates union and celebrates diversity.

Landscapes is a work by Himherandit Production and was premiered at DOKK1 in Aarhus as part of The Genderhouse Festival in 2018.

Directors/artists: Andreas Constantinou, Dagmara Bilon
Video artist: Christoffer Brenke
Editing: Christoffer Brenke
Performers: Manuela Solvez, Leslie Stuart Tate, Geoffrey Lilley, Carol Mcintosh, Henning Silberg, Troels Jørgensen, Mary-Ann Næsted Nilsen, Teresa Albor
Installation artist: Jeppe Cohrt
Music: Marlou Vriens