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The Homeless Garden at OXYTOCIN 20th of May 2023


Awarded Outside Encounters Comission 2023 by The Place


Awarded Developing Your Creative Practice grant 2023 by Arts Council England

Hot Flush Performance Lab every Tuesday






Dagmara Bilon is an artist with a socially engaged arts practice, live-art performer, performance maker, dance movement therapist, and maternal producer based in south-east London, working locally and internationally.

One of her natural instincts as an artist has always been to shed light on certain human experiences which, instead of being celebrated as the things that unite us, are kept repressed by society, tainted by stigma and taboo. This often leaves people isolated and disconnected in some of the most challenging moments of their lives.


Part of her practice is to use art and performance as a tool and a playground that shed a light on these stigmas in a safe environment with others. The themes that have been explored are feminist narratives and sexuality, environmental issues, social marginalisation and mental health. Works include live art performances, immersive performance installations, site-specific works, video installations as well community art projects.

Most recently, Dagmara choreographed a community dance project for a community cast of 80 people as part of celebrating Lewisham Borough of Culture The Catford Gyratory Dance, inspired by the Jo Cox quote “There is more in common than that which divides us”.


Dagmara is co-founder/director of the Purple Ladies Collective which builds creative communities through engagement projects and performances. These are held in different locations including council estates, schools, community centres and art venues. Making their work vibrant, inclusive and accessible is at the heart of their practice.


For more information, please see Dagmara's Projects or get in touch! 





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