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As a multidisciplinary artist, performer, dance movement therapist, and death doula in training based in southeast London, I operate both locally and internationally. My expansive practice encompasses embodied investigation, collaboration, dramaturgy, choreography, live art, and community engagement projects, intertwined with activism.

My artistic ethos revolves around illuminating human experiences often shrouded in societal stigma and taboo. Through my work, I strive to create safe spaces where underrepresented narratives can be explored and celebrated, fostering connection amidst challenging circumstances.

Themes such as feminist and queer narratives, sexuality, migration, identity, displacement, loss, grief, environmental concerns, and mental health are central to my artistic exploration.

I am co-founder/director of the Purple Ladies Collective, where we cultivate creative communities through engagement projects and performances. Our endeavors extend across various settings, from council estates and schools to community centers and art venues. Aiming for inclusivity, and accessibility which lies at the core of our collective practice.



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