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My Undying Love

Multidisciplinary Immersive Performance Installation

by Himherandit Productions

BORABORA, Aarhus 2020-2021

Berlin's Art Quarter,Berlin 2022

My Undying Love intersects performance and visual art and combines interactive performance, storytelling, video installation, and sonic art into a one-hour-long immersive experience that tackles themes of death, grief, life and love. The performance is created for five audiences at a time and includes a 360 video panorama and an original surround sound music score. The audience is embraced into a transformative journey and an atmospheric environment where they become both on-lookers and participants inside the performance itself.

In My Undying Love audience go on a transformative journey as they become fully immersed inside a touching and emotional story about letting go. Simple acts of human kindness and shared rituals become door openers to release the taboos around death and create an artistic space for grief, life and love.


My Undying Love won the nomination for the Aarhus stage art award 2022 for best performance. (Scenekunst Prisen 2022) and was nominated for Special Performance of the year - Reumert 2022.

Dagmara has been a collaborating artist with Himherandit Productions for various years on
productions such as GARDEN, Landscapes, Champions and My Undying Love.



Artist / Concept / Creation / Performer: Andreas Constantinou

Collaborative artist / Performer: Dagmara Bilon

Performer: Kenth Rose

Videographer: Christoffer Brekne

Installation / Technician: Jeppe Cohrt

Music: Marlou Vriens

Sound design: Jeppe Cohrt & Andreas Constantinou

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