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Symbolic reflection on mortality

Live Art for camera

work in progress



Dagmara Bilon Januray 2023

As part of my DYCP arts council grant, I am on a residency at hArtlane Gallery throughout 2023 to develop an embodied somatic visual journal that reflects on my encounters with death as well as the notions of my felt sense following losing my mother Ania. The journal consists of automatic writing, live art interventions, embodied images and outside objects that surround me following my mother's death and are brought together in live art performance to camera.

This residency runs parallel to my study of art history researching images depicting death throughout time and in different cultures, my placement at St John's Hospice and my training to becoming a death doula.

Kindly funded by the arts council england.

Pallbearer Mask

November 2022


After people pass, keep on talking with them. Have a conversation with them and tell them that there are no longer in their body. Help them. Support them in their journey.

3 days after my mother took her last breath, I could feel my body burn and freeze simultaneously. I wanted to find a way to accompany in her journey somehow.

One evening I made 7 masks made of the fabric and branches that I picked up from taking my mother's dog Lilly for a walk while she was still ill. I didn't know then that they will become Pallbearer's mask.

Pallbearers are the people who carry the coffins of the deceased.

I spend one night improvising in front of the camera in my bedroom with each mask. Each mask had a different quality. Something between not being able to move my body to a physical roar. 

In the evening before my mother's funeral, I had my house filled with the presence of loved people who travelled from different places around the world to be with my family and me during this time. We collectively made more masks and gowns made by Robin Harvey for Ania's coffin procession the day after.

Thank you to Lina Jungergard, Raissa Kasalowski, Tatjana Nekrasov, Christelle Lafille, Marta Angelozzi, and Hannah Simons to help me carry my mother's coffin. Andreas Constantinou for being there with me while spending the last few moments with my mother's deceased body and following the coffin in a cab. Poetic Endings, Sophie Duval, my daughter Matilda, Mia and my mum's husband Marek for their input and support me shape the funeral in the way I wanted. Everyone who attended my Mum's funeral ceremony. My cousin Radek Sosnowski and my daughter Matilda witness Ania's cremation with me.


'Wash Me'-Hungry for Human Contact Live

Live Art Performance

Horse Donkey

London 2022

Wash Me is an eco-feminist live art performance that seeks for love in times of destruction. Bringing together an archive of selected Tinder chats that seek for love and connection during the covid19 lockdown period. (The Hungry for Human Contact Archive was initially commissioned by ProCreate in 2020). This project was initiated after a dream that covid the virus came in the shape of a female vampire called Corona to bring revenge upon humanity. This performance fuses dirty tinder chats with a video projection of flooding, earthquakes and drought revealed on Corona's naked body from under her thick, black coat. The performance ends with an audience's participatory ritual of washing Corona's body- a symbol of the wounded earth.

'They told us we could not stop. We could not change. Until, for a short moment of time, we could hear the different variety of birds sing at dawn in the city jungle and all the grief and loneliness surfaced in the sweet song.' Dagmara Bilon 2020

Thank You to Horsedonkey for all the support.

The homeless garden

Live Art Performance

The Genderhouse Festival, Denmark 2018

Chisenhale Dance Space 2018, hARTslane Gallery 2022


The Homeless Garden explores visual and aural composition in performance through symbolic action, text and a participatory ritual. Inspired by Kollontai’s writing ‘Working Woman and Mother’ the audience reads personal testimonies on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood from various socio-economic perspectives, while Bilon births soil from under her gown. Eventually, a garden is created. The audience plant flowers and water them while Bilon facilitates a conversation of what climate change has got to do with female sexual pleasure.

Audience responses:
“The multilayered symbolism is both profound and raw” ... “a very meaningful and edgy piece of work” ... “beyond acting, a completely immersive experience” ...... “performance was astonishing, extremely arresting and very emotionally and spiritually charged...”


Thanks to The Genderhouse Festival, hARTslane Gallery and Chisenhale Dance Space for their kind support.


Eat Your Beans

Live Art Performance Interventions

Leyden Gallery (Desperate Artwifes), Hartslane Gallery (Horse Donkey Club), Hackney Project Space, (GraceGraceGrace)TrinityLABAN(Himherandit Production)

Wells Way(Theatre Deli)


Eat your Beans- Live Art and Video Performance Project aims to provoke standards of female beauty,  the male gaze and interaction with the audience while exploring the physicality of rage, crashing plates and other kitchen utensils on the floor and shouting eat your beans. The purpose of this body of work is to shed awareness of unrecognised labour within society and give space to express the repressed rage of mothers and carers that is often not spoken about.


Various interventions and provocations have been performed in art spaces, as well as public spaces such as streets, traffic lights, buses, and supermarkets.

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