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Misplaced Women(?) Project

as part of Tanja Ostovjjc Project Mis(s)placed Women? Project



Mis(s)placed Women? International community gathering Istanbul 2022

photo Gulbin Eris

Misplaced Women(?) Project is a research project that explores migration issues and the vulnerability of misplaced women, through performance actions in public spaces. The research includes questions of home, identity, integration, safety, and loss, as well as a re-enactment of women's stories as 'our' stories through collaboration and embodied investigation.



Live actions such as Performing Displacement, Becoming One with a Bag and Other Misplaced Actions have been performed in various sites such as Millennium Bridge London, Project Space in Hackney, Solidarity Not Charity refugee fundraiser event in Peckham, One Court Gallery in Richmond, a Public Market in Pimlico during Refugee Week, Westfield bridge in Hackney as part of Tanja Ostovijc Mis(s)placed Women? Workshop in conjunction with the Live Art Development Agency, in various public spaces in Istanbul in conjunction with Depo1 as part of an international gathering of Mis(s)placed Women in Istanbul.


This process has involved collaboration with Teresa Albor, Dyana Gravina and Rachel Cherry in London and as part of Tanja Ostovijc Misplaced Women(?) Project in Istanbul including Gaby Bila-Gunther aka LADY GABY, Nazlı Durak, Selma Hekim, Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate, Susan Merrick, Tanja Ostojić, Vanessa Ponte, Hieu Hanh Hoang Tran, Arzu Yayıntaş, Gülhatun Yıldırım and Gizem Yılmaz.


For more information on Tanja Ostovijc The Mis(s)placed Women? Project,

please visit: 

Depo1, Istanbul 2022

_DSD8699 (1).jpg
_DSD8679 (1).jpg

Live Art Performance as part of Mis(s)placed Women? gathering in Istanbul

Depo1 2022

Photos by Gulbin Eris

Millenium Bridge, London 2021


 "Misplaced, Score #3: Becoming One With a Bag", 2021
Performed by: Dagmara Bilon & Dyana Gravina at the Millennium Bridge, London. Mis(s)placed Women? Performance Weekend and the Community Gathering in Belgrade, October 17 2021, via Zoom

One Court Gallery, Richmond 2018

PD10 (2).jpg

Performing Displacement and The things we leave behind

by Dagmara Bilon and Teresa Albor

One Court Gallery Richmond 2018

Photos by Sisi Burns

Copyright Dagmara Bilon and Teresa Albor


Performing Displacement and The things we leave behind

Project by Dagmara Bilon and Teresa Albor

Tatchbrook Market Pimlico as part of Refugee Week 2017

Photos by Rachel Cherry 

Copyright by Dagmara Bilon and Tersea Albor

Solidarity Not Charity, Pecham 2017 

Peckham 3.jpg

Solidarity Not Charity The Purple Ladies Refugee Fundraiser

by Dagmara Bilon and Teresa Albor

London 2017

Teresa Albor’s & Dagmara Bilon’s collaboration

Teresa Albor and Dagmara Bilon both took part in “Misplaced Women?” Workshop by Tanja Ostojić, 13-14 December 2016, hosted by LADA at their studio/office in Hackney. Teresa brought objects left behind by people in the process of migrating from Syria and Afghanistan to Europe from a collection she has been working with via a project called “The Things We Leave Behind.”  During the workshop Teresa experimented with calling out the names of people who have made this journey. Dagmara focussed on her own migration history and work she had made in the past using a suitcase as a prop as well as other objects from her earlier performances. Following this meeting, they started Performing Displacement forming a collaborative framework to explore issues of migration, loss, vulnerability,  privilege and class from two various perspective.

For more information please visit London | Misplaced Women? (

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