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Hot Flush Production

feminist performance duo

Live performances in London

Running a weekly performance lab in Peckham

For further details get in touch

Photos by Prasanth Visweswaran 2022

Hot flush is a feminist performance duo performed and devised by Dagmara Bilon and Christelle Lafille, situated in a lunatic world and finding some release through creative exploration. Hot flush orbit around a lust for physical presence, practices of automatic writing, and embodiment of random images and drives. These become the pool of compositions for performance acts. Hot flush love life in all its comfortable and uncomfortable forms.


Hot Flush hold weekly performance labs on Tuesdays in Peckham.

and perform Live in and around London.

Get in touch for more details!

The Unconscious act is an open door to vandalism and violence.

It is also a liberation of repressed energies.

The bird must liberate itself from its cage and reverse the logical order.

The constructive and destructive drives are part of the same cycle.

Acts of vandalism can open opportunities for healing and creation

Hot Flush 2022

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